Our Fees

Over the years the government funding of Medicare has not kept pace with rising costs, and we have been forced to introduce the following fee schedule for services.


Local Children, Pension, Healthcare Cards + Medicare Card

Medicare Card
Australian Medicare Card Holder

Non-Medicare Card Holder

15 mins Bulk billed $98 $115 $160
20 – 40 mins Bulk billed $180 $205 $270
40 mins + Bulk billed $275 $300 $370

**Sundays and Public Holidays attract a surcharge which is medicare rebatable with a current Australian Medicare card.

Procedures (local only)

Sutures Item number TBA + $50 (body), $100 (face/head) gap fee
Skin Biopsy Item number TBA + $50 gap fee
Excision Item number TBA + $100

As reflected in the above schedule, our local Douglas Shire residents, are privy to a discount on regular consultation fees, due to the seasonal income of the district. Proof of Douglas Shire Residency by drivers licence or registered medicare address or Australian electoral roll registration address is required to receive the local discount.

We also bulk bill all local children up until they leave high school.

Please call our medical centre on 4099 5043 for home / hotel / after hours visits fees.

Please pay at the time of consultation by cash, Visa, Mastercard or EFTPOS.

+ These fees are subject to change. Please confirm fees with our receptionist prior to the consultation. +