Resources for better health

We recommend that you use the following reputable web sites to obtain reliable information regarding a wide range of important health topics, including recent controversial issues

  • Parents,Carers and grandparents may find the following link useful with excellent information on raising children
  • Information on adult and childhood immunisation schedules and advice can be found on
  • Quitline ,please contact them for advice and assistance regarding stopping smoking
  • Healthinsite is a national web site with a particularly wide range of high quality medical information
  • My Dr is another wide ranging consumer friendly site
  • The Health Contact Centre is a Queensland Health initiative for consumers on how to access their health care needs
  • Mental health problems are often unrecognised and Beyond Blue and Blackdog are 2 very informative sites dedicated to mental health. Moodgym is a web based service that is free and provides high quality psychological treatments.
  • Diabetes Australia has many useful areas for people and families affected by diabetes
  • Travel health advice can be obtained from your GP and we also have access to a free travel advisory service from Queensland Medical Laboratories. You may want to browse the following travel health site and CDC site to help you assess your needs
  • Some medical conditions affect fitness to drive and national guidelines are available
  • Your Health Website Links. A comprehensive site where patients can find links to a wide range of health related websites

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