Patient Information

Test Results

Your doctor will advise when they expect to receive your results back.  Our staff are unable to give results. QML Pathology results will be available on your MY HEALTH RECORD one week after they have been reported on. If you remain unwell please make an appointment to see your Doctor.

Reminder/ Recall Systems

We have introduced the automated HOTDOC system to send our patients SMS messages about the following:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Messages about follow up of test results and other important matters (also known as recalls) and
  • Preventative health reminders

Your consent is required to receive the above SMS messages. Please let our receptionist know if you would like to active or de-activate these messages.

If you have opted out of receiving SMS messages or do not have a mobile phone we will attempt to contact you via phone or letter for all important recall information.  Please ensure your contact details are up to date.